Smart Product Management Thinkers

you should definitely
Adam Nash
CEO @Wealthfront. Inevitably optimistic. Slightly amusing. Always talking.
Adam Kazwell
Product observer/maker/manager.
Allan Berger
Founder & COO of @Blossom. Empowering Distributed Teams, Product Management, UX, Jobs to be done.
Andre Piazza
ProdMgmt leader @DellSoftware.
April Underwood
VP of Product at @slackhq.
Ben Yoskovitz
Ex-VP Product VarageSale & GoInstant (acq. by Salesforce). Co-author of Lean Analytics.
Ben Horowitz
Early Netscape PM. Wrote Good Product Manager, Bad Product Manager. Author, The Hard Thing about Hard Things.
Brian Lawley
Author of 5 bestselling Product Management books, Former Silicon Valley PM Association President & CEO of the 280 Group.
Brian de Haaff
CEO of Aha! -- the world's #1 product roadmap software.
Bruce McCarthy
Evangelist for better products and product development.
Carter Gilchrist
Co-founder & Chief Product Officer@Unbounce.
Caterina Fake
Founder, Findery. Cofounder Hunch and Flickr.
Chris Cummings
Blogs about product management. Occasionally crawls through mud and leaps over fire.
Cindy Alvarez
Director of UX at Yammer, driving Lean change at MSFT. Author of Lean Customer Development.
Cindy F Solomon
CEO of Startup Product Academy.
Daniel Elizalde
Director of Products at Stem, author of
David Breger
Group Manager, Product Management at @LinkedIn. Mentor at @500Startups and @StartX. Former PM at @Facebook.
David Cancel
Entrepreneur. CEO @Drift. Former CEO at Performable (acq) then CPO at HubSpot. SaaS OG. @seekingwisdomio podcast co-host.
Des Traynor
Co-founder of @intercom.
Don Suter
Curator of Digital Friday - Resources to create and grow incredible digital products
Eric Ries
Founder of Lean Startup movement.
Erick Tseng
Product Director, Facebook
Fred Oliveira
Figuring things out in the intersection of code, design and capital. Managing product + Engineering at @1776.
Gaby Pena
Product Manager at Twitter. Passionate about building and scaling products that radically improve the lives of people around the world.
Hiten Shah
Started three SaaS companies,Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics and Quick Sprout with Neil Patel. I enjoy creating and geeking out on product as well as helping others think by advising and investing in companies.
Hunter Walk
VC / Founder @homebrew. Made products at YouTube, Google & SecondLife.
Ian McAllister
Director of Product at Airbnb. Formerly Amazon PM.
Isaac Hepworth
Product Manager at @Stripe; previously at @Twitter and @Google.
Jackie Bavaro
Asana Product Manager. Co-Author of Cracking the PM Interview. Previously @ Google & Microsoft.
James Mayes
Co-Founder @MindTheProduct, Chairman @Careeropia, Advisor @ProdPad. Adventurer in Product, Talent and Startups.
James Murray
#ProductManager @Appnovation. Passionate about delivering customer-centric products.
Janna Bastow
Talk to me about product. Co-founder of@ProdPad - product management software, and co-founder, organiser, writer at @MindTheProduct.
Jared Spool
Exploring the boundaries of User Experience. Founder @UIE, Co-founder@CenterCentre.
Jason Evanish
Customer driven product guy. Founder @Get_Lighthouse to help managers become leaders. Previously product @KISSmetrics & founder @GreenhornBoston
Javier Escribano
VP Product at a stealth startup. Co-founder of @TouristEye (acquired by@LonelyPlanet) and @Selltag. Product, technology, apps, UX. @500Startupsalumni
Jeff Lash
Passionate about making product managers great & making #b2bcompanies successful. Service Director #prodmgmt @SiriusDecisions.
Jeff Patton
I like making great products, or even pretty good ones. I like helping others do the same. Author, Story Mapping.
Jeff Morris Jr.
Product Manager @Tinder. Web development @ga. Previously built a lot of products & Growth @Zaarly.
Jeff Seibert
Sr. Director of Product @Twitter. Previously built @Fabric, co-founder and CEO, @Crashlytics (acq. by Twitter) and COO, Increo (acq. by Box).
Jeremy Horn
The Product Guy @theproductguy, Founder of The Product Group, the world's largest PM meetup. Head of Product, Data Strategy, Content Management and Distribution at Viacom. Created product management curriculum @ga.
Joanna M. Wasiluk
PM at GE. @GoogleMentor.
John Peltier
Product Director at NAVEX Global. Former organizer of ProductCamp Austin and ProductCamp Atlanta.
John-Paul Herrmann
Building great products at @Presse_PAYBACK.
Jon Arnold
SVP of Product at
Josh Elman
Partner, @GreylockVC: @Medium,@Jelly, @AppMeerkat, @Operator,@discordapp @Nextdoor. Past: Twitter, FB Connect, LinkedIn.
Joshua Porter
Product Designer/Co-founder: Rocket Insights. Formerly of Performable, acquired by Hubspot.
Joshua Duncan
VP Product Management at Noesis Energy.
Katelyn Friedson
PM at Paint Nite. Formerly@caredotcom, @defyventures
Ken Norton
Partner @GVTeam. Formerly PM@Google. I write about product management and always bring the donuts.
Kenneth Berger
1st PM at Slack / Co-founder of YesGraph / PM + M&A lead from Adobe.
Kenton Kivestu
PM Director@FlurryMobile, formerly @Google, @Zynga mobile poker.
Lars Trieloff
Director Product Management Blue Yonder.
Leland Rechis
Product Guy @younow. Designer-in-residence @cornell_tech. Previously @twittermobile lead.
Lisa Winter
Senior PM at US Bank.
Lucas Cerdan
Product Manager @PrestaShop.
Magdalena Georgieva
Product manager @HubSpot.
Martin Eriksson
Founder of @ProductTank and @MindtheProduct.
Marty Cagan
Partner at Silicon Valley Product Group, specializing in product teams and product strategy. Former exec at eBay, AOL, Netscape and HP.
Matt Anderson
Product manager and academic librarian.
Melissa Perri
Product and UX Consultant @produxlabs. Teacher, Coach, Speaker.
Michael Calleia
Digital product design (UX) & strategy (product management). Founder of @HumanistCo
Michelle Harper
Strategic product management & marketing executive.
Mubashar Iqbal
I turn ideas into great applications. I built@creatorslog @whenactive & much more
Nils Davis
Producer of PM podcast All The Responsibility, None Of The Authority.
Nir Eyal
Author of Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products.
Noa Adamsky
VP Product at Funtomic, home of Kizi Games.
Noah Weiss
Head of Search, Learning, & Intelligence at @SlackHQ in NYC. Former SVP of Product @foursquare + Google PM on structured search.
Paul Adams
VP of Product@Intercom. Ex Facebook, Google. Like building things. Author of Grouped: How small groups of friends are the key to influence on the social web.
Paul Yokota
Senior PM driving product strategy at @Animoto. Passionate about helping teams create great products. Always learning. Always growing.
Paul Singh
Founder@disruptioncorp (acq by @1776), Partner @500Startups, EIR at USCIS / DHS.
Paul J
Director of Product at Newsmart. Publisher of Pivot Product Hits.
Paul Young
Pragmatic Marketing Instructor and Founder of ProductCamp Austin.
Poornima Vijayashanker
Founder of @Femgineer. Previously @mint founding engineer.
Rich Mironov
Product exec/coach/mentor. Author of The Art of Product Management.
Roger L. Cauvin
Product strategist, blogger, and creator of the Dadnab service.
Roman Pichler
Product management consultant and teacher. Author of “Strategize" and “Agile Product Management with Scrum."
Ron Yang
Director of Product Management at Aha! -- the world's #1 product roadmap software
Ryan Hoover
Founder of @ProductHunt.
Sachin Rekhi
Founder @ Connected, Feedera, Anywhere.FM. Product @ LinkedIn, imeem, Microsoft.
Sandi MacPherson
Founder of Quibb.
Sarah Donovan
UX PM at The Common Application. Co-Organizer Mobile DC.
Satya Patel
VC @Homebrew. Ex-Twitter VP Product/Google PM.
Scott Gilbert
Experienced Product Management executive.
Scott Sehlhorst
Product Management and Strategy Consultant
Scott Belsky
Leading @Behance to connect and empower the creative world; Publisher of@99U; VP Products & Community@Adobe; Author of Making Ideas Happen.
Sean Rose
Product at Slack.
Sean Ellis
Key early growth/marketing exec at Dropbox, Eventbrite, Lookout, LogMeIn (IPO), and Uproar (IPO). Now CEO/Founder Qualaroo and
Shardul Mehta
Product Management consultant and teacher.
Simon Cast
Co-founder & CPO @ProdPad. Co-founder, @MindTheProduct, @PCampLDN, @ProductTank.
Siobhan Quinn
Co-founder & CEO of Parenthoods. Product Director @ Foursquare. Product Person & Software Engineer at Google.
Steve Johnson
Helping product leaders build world-class product playbooks.
Stewart Butterfield
Slack boss & Flickr co-founder.
Stewart Rogers
Product management veteran with more than 15 years of experience. Currently Director of Product Management @LambdaSolutions and Co-Founder of ProductCamp Vancouver.
Sue Raisty-Egami
Product Management and Product Marketing Consultant for software and SaaS companies.
Teresa Torres
Product discovery coach helping teams adopt user-centered, hypothesis-driven product development practices.
Thomas Schranz
Co-founder & CEO of @blossom
Thomas Fuchs-Martin
Web Product Manager
Tim Gasper
Global Offering Manager for @CSC, VP of Product for @Infochimps.
Vadim Lavrusik
Product Manager for Facebook Mentions and Live on Facebook. Reimagined Facebook Notes. Former prof@Columbiajourn, alum of @mashable and @nytimes.